The night is dark and full of terrors. To celebrate 65 of our dearest friends obsession with Game of Thrones, we held a Winter is Coming barbarian banquet at Palace Cafe, the most medieval looking bar in all of Greenpoint. The event was fully catered by Lorimer Market. Fare included one turkey leg per invitee for toasts. A strict B.Y.O.G. (Bring Your Own Goblet) rule was in effect.

Costumes were mandatory and characters were assigned based on both personality and looks. Any and all who did not attend the banquet in full regalia, were marked and chastised by the "High Sparrow," using a custom stamp we created. 

As master of ceremonies, I hosted a dinner intermission show where characters were called upon to reenact major scenes from the series. Following dinner, we boogied to the beats of Manny Osoria who premiered his LED drum kit for Momentum Drums. 

The event was our first experiment in event production and was a smashing success.