Free Cone Fridays

Every year Uber delights riders by delivering them ice cream. But in 2017, delivering just one cone wasn't enough—so we created Free Cone Fridays. Anyone who was lucky enough to claim a limited edition, collectible cone in the Uber app, could unlock free ice cream all summer long. Get a collectible cone koozie. Present it at McDonalds. And boom! Free ice cream. Every Friday. All summer. 

At launch, we created the Meltdown—a stunt where we froze a 100 hundred of collectible cones in 11,000 pounds of ice in Union Square. People were encouraged to free their cones from the icy mess or request their own cone in-app. Branded ice cream trucks were on standby in 10 cities across North America to deliver frozen treats, collectible cone koozies, and other ice cream swag. Word spread about these cone-llectibles—the key to endless soft serve—with radio, paid, and influencer social content. Overall, Free Cone Fridays led to a 10% shift in brand favorability—making it sweet in more ways than one.



Concept/Lead writer/Producer